Sunday, February 24, 2008

We had about 6 families over yesterday afternoon to hang out and eat pizza for dinner. Every time we have a large group over I realize that there is a list of "serving pieces" that I really wish I had. In reality I should just buy some of these things but I then have to find a place to store them in our tiny kitchen. I'm going to have to remember to put these on my wish list for next holiday season.

* salad tongs
* an ice bucket and tongs
* nice wine glasses
* a couple decent sized platters for food
* a nice serving dish for fruit that has a lid so I could have it all ready before hand and in the fridge
* a nice neutral vase for flowers
* an extra cookie sheet (I made 6 pizzas so one more cookie sheet is always helpful)
* earplugs -- we ended up with 11 screeching kids in the house, all the grownups could have used these at one point or another :)



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