Friday, December 09, 2005

Everyone is a comedian....

Today our entire team at work went out to a "going away" lunch for our co-op A. During lunch A was video taping us and we were all offering our 2 cents worth of advice for the future. My advice was "enjoy school while you can because once you graduate you'll just have to work for the next 40-45 years".

After we finished lunch he wanted to get a group picture. Another guy on our team, S, had brought along his digital camera. Well, we were all in the lobby of the restaurant and S was going to take the picture but A really wanted S to be in the shot too so he asked some guy that was around to take it for us. He said yeah and just as S was handing this complete stranger his camera, the guy pretended to take off with it, like he was going to run right out the door. His timing was perfect and It was HILARIOUS! The look of horror on S's face was priceless. A was wishing he would have had THAT on video. We talked and joked about it for the rest of the day. I bet that complete stranger went back to work and had a good laugh with his co-workers also.

I love Fridays!


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