Monday, December 12, 2005

M is 3 (almost)

M turns 3 on Friday, so yesterday we had a little party for her. She was soo excited about her birthday. She's been asking when it's her happy birthday since September and the day had finally arrived for her party. Earlier in the day she told me - "Today is My Special Day!" (she'd been watching Dora and it was Boots special day). M is obsessed with Dora so I cooked a TON of Mexican food, and we had a Dora themed Fiesta. Her gifts also seemed to follow the Dora theme. She got 3 Dora dolls - Night Time Dora, Swimming Dora, and School Day Dora. She even got Dora roller skates. The skates were a huge hit with both M and J. M had them on and Nana took her around the entire house.

When M had taken them off J grabbed them and tried to put them on. I decided to put them on her and she had a ball! Both girls did really well on them. They aren't very coordinated, but they do love to try!


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