Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dan Zanes and Friends...

Today we took the girls to the Dan Zanes and Friends concert. It was a rockin pre-school dance party. As soon as it started J pulled M down to the pit to dance. M is much more of a wall-flower than J. She likes to watch the action and see what's going to happen before joining in, J is ready to jump in with wild abandon. At the end J was laying on the edge of the stage, watching the band -- she is totally going to be a groupie when she's older. It was fun to watch the girls as they watched the band, the other kids, and danced. The whole experience is so odd to me because, as kids, we would have never gone to something like this. My kids have such a different childhood than I did. Also, as a mom, it doesn't matter how stupid you look at one of these kids shows. As long as the kids have fun it's all worthwhile.


  • You are so right. You did not get to do cool stuf like this as a kid. What is scary is that I know who Dan Zanes is and what he sings. Looks like fun. You go dancing MOM.

    Your big sister T!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:42 PM  

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