Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

We survived the holidays and made it into the new year. Christmas was all about the girls this year. They got a ton of toys and games. We are now waiting for the next snow thanks to the new sled, hats & mittens from Uncle K. M is very good at the Memory game (she got both the Dora and the Princess versions). I think J's favorite toy is the Doodle Pro that she got from Nana. M has one we bought over the summer and J loves to play with it. Now they each have one and don't have to fight.

Nana got the girls a tent and tunnel. This was a huge hit and the source of much squealing. We/Santa got the girls cabbage patch babies, a play kitchen, dishes and pretend food. They both love to cook and feed the dolls!

J learned to say "up" and "uh-oh" last week. Now she will drop/throw her fork or cup at dinner and say "uh-oh". It's really adorable yet annoying after the 20th time in a row.


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