Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitchen renovation - weeks 5 and 6

I'm a little behind posting because I got busy with work and some volunteer work I'm doing.

Week 5 was fun.  It started with the installation of all the drywall.

The flooring was also accomplished that week -- I was a little worried when the contractor sent me a badly shot photo, but all in all it turned out quite nice.  I'm working with a contractor, but surprisingly the flooring sub-contractor turned out to be a neighbor from a couple houses down.  I like that we are supporting the local small businesses.

and Saturday the drywall was sanded and the first coats of paint went up.  I was expecting a huge mess when they sanded it, and it was a mess, but one guy sanded while another vacuumed -- so it wasn't so bad.

On week 6 was all about base coats of paint, installation of the cabinets and prepping for the appliances to go in.

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