Friday, April 07, 2006

As of Tuesday, J is officially over her breathing problems and her coughing is much much better. YEAH! Tonight we went out to eat at Sonic. I was very surprised at how well J sat at the picnic table and ate her dinner without a problem. M got up and down more than J did.

This week was "Week of the Young Child" at daycare so each day the kids wore something special, hats on Monday, pajamas on Tuesday, school colors on Wednesday, mis-matched cloths on Thursday and cardinals gear today. M had a lot of fun with this especially getting to wear her pjs to school and mis-match day which she often participates in all on her own. She loves to pick out her own crazy, mismatched, outfits!

Oh, and I forgot to mention... G got the new lights up in the kitchen already. They are much brighter and more modern than the old ones and I love them!


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