Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Zoo and Baseball...

We've been busy this past week. Over the weekend we went to the zoo. The weather was perfect. This was J's first time at the zoo where she could really enjoy it. Last year she pretty much just rode in the stroller or carrier and didn't care where we were. This time she squealed in delight. She was so cute as we were walking around the big cat/zebra area. I told her she had to hold M's hand, so we'd stop and look at an animal, and when she was ready to move on, she'd grab M's hand to let her know it was time.

Today we went to the baseball game. This was our first time in the new stadium and J's first Cardinal's game ever. There isn't much to say except - It rained... lightly at first, but just after we decided to get out of our seats and got into the concourse it POURED down rain! I could have done without the rain, but it was still a good family day.


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