Saturday, April 08, 2006

We are officially ready for Easter. Today we covered the table in newspaper, put paint smocks on the girls and dyed Easter eggs. I have to say that J is too young for this activity. There was a LOT of screaming on her part because she wanted to do it herself, but couldn't work the tongs very well to keep a hold of the eggs and we were afraid she was going to spill the dye everywhere.

M did a much better job than J, but she just wanted to drop the eggs into the dye cups. I really like writing on the eggs with the white crayon, making them tie-dyed by spooning the dye over the egg wrapped in paper towel and experimenting to get multi-colored eggs. I didn't really get to do things my way. Oh well, we didn't dye eggs for me... Maybe next year they'll want to do things my way. Who am I kidding, they'll always want to do it their way, but maybe next year I'll learn to let go a little more. Or, maybe I'll boil 2 dozen eggs, 1 dozen for the girls to dye and 1 dozen for me :)


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