Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My goal this week is to get my life in order.

Well, that may be a little too ambitious of a goal, but I'm trying to get my finances in order. So far I've filed all of our paperwork, including pulling all of last years stuff out of the file and into a filebox for storage. I've transferred some investments so they are finally all in one account. I've started the process cleaning up my retirement account. I've modified our checking account setup to something that better fits our current needs. I've finally looked into my credit cards rewards points, which I might add I should have done way sooner. Here's why - Tonight I was looking at my credit card bill and I realized I had more than 33,000 points in my "reward" program, and some are about to expire. I've never logged into the rewards program before (I've had it a LONG time), so I decided to log in and see what the deal was. It turned out I could cash in 2,500 points for $25 gift card or a $25 check. I ended up cashing in enough points to get 13 $25 checks. That's $325. in. cash. That is crazy! I had almost 900 points that were going to expire this month. How much $ did I loose out on by not checking into this points thing before now! I bet a lot. Oh, well. I can't live in the past I can just try to do better.

Maybe next week, if I'm still feeling ambitious I'll get to work on my scrapbooking since I'm about 18 mths behind!

Oh - J's limp is gone, so all is well with her.


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