Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had a quiet Easter at home today and it was quite nice. Last night M was looking out the window and saw a Mommy and baby bunny on our front porch. She and J spent quite a while watching them. It was exciting to have our very own Easter bunny.

This morning the bunny left the girls lots and lots of eggs to find as well as some "peeps", books and toys. They were both very excited by each egg that they found. They had a great time.

Because we stayed home today, we spent a lot of time doing activities. We dyed Easter eggs in the morning and made shrinky dinks in the afternoon. The girls both got fashion tracing plates from the bunny. J got Dora and M got princess. We spent some time this morning making some of these pictures. We also watched Monsters, Inc. So now both girls run around saying "Mike Wasowski". It was nice to have some time to just play.


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