Sunday, July 16, 2006

All I wanted to do today was take the girls in and get portraits taken of the three of us girls in our dresses from my sister's wedding. Well, I rescheduled the appointment.

Yesterday we went to dinner with some friends of ours and they gave M this new bike. It was their daughter's when she was little and she has long ago outgrown it. M was very excited about it and all she could talk about was going outside to see it and ride it. Well, this morning when G got up around 9 he got dressed and took the girls outside to ride bikes. Because M has this new bike, J could now ride her old tricycle without them fighting over it. Well, M has a bike helmet, but we haven't gotten one for J yet. We will be buying one before she rides another bike! Somehow M distracted G because she wanted to take her helmet off and he was making her wear it and in the mean-time J managed to wipe out on the concrete driveway. Now she has really bad road-rash all over the right side of her face and she will point to it and say "Ow!" I'm hoping it heals quickly and doesn't leave a scar.


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