Monday, August 14, 2006

The dining room re-decorate turns into re-model...

Two weeks ago the dining room re-do consisted of removing the carpeting, instaling bamboo wood flooring and painting over the paneling. Well, lets just say that it has taken on a new form. We decided that before doing the floor it would be a good idea to move the pantry door to make it more usable, going from deep and narrow with the door opening into the kitchen to wide and shallow and the door opening into the dinning room. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Well, in the process of that G decided to remove the paneling from where the new doorway will reside. When he did so we realized that there was finished drywall behind it. Seeing this we thought it would be better to remove all the paneling instead of painting over it. So this weekend G went about removing all the paneling. Well, as you can imagine it's never that easy. Out of the 4 walls, 2 have nicely finished drywall and won't require a ton of work, one had finished drywall, but the paneling glued to it, so it will need some work before we can paint it. The forth, well that's the problem wall. It's the wall to the outside of the house and it had no drywall behind the paneling, just insulation. Not only was there no drywall, but the fireplace surround that is on this wall was not secured to the wall, and easily separated from the wall as G tried to remove the paneling. Now we have one wall that not only needs new drywall but also a brand new fireplace surround because the one we have is now in pieces on the back porch. We went from a cosmetic update of the room to a full blown re-model. I hope we're done by Christmas. :)


  • What a joy it is working on an older home. By the time you 2 are done you will have a whole new house. LOL You will enjoy it when all is done. I know it is not fun in the the process or cheap. Good luck.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:08 PM  

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