Saturday, April 14, 2007

arghhh... where did the nice weather go? I'm tired of the cold and rain and today I saw snowflakes! My skin is so dry around my eyes that they itch like crazy. This week was so busy. I had to go to the dentist on tues morning to get a filling fixed and to the eye dr on wed for a checkup. Then my sister came into town on wed night so I took the day off on thurs to spend with her. Work has been busier than usual and I'm wiped out...

J has some odd fear of frogs. I don't know where it came from, but it is very real. She even afraid of the toy frogs that M has. Tonight G told her to "look out for the frog" and she freaked out. She looked around, then screamed and ran to me and her little heart was beating so fast. She didn't want to go in the hallway after that because she was so scared. He is EVIL. It's not good to tease your poor 2 year old when she's afraid of something.

M is the question girl these days and it's driving me crazy. Also, she likes to interrupt when G and I are talking and it's rude. J is pretty good about saying "excuse me", but M often forgets.


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