Tuesday, January 24, 2006

J said "Elmo" plain as day yesterday. She says mum, dada, uh-oh and hi, but it's so strange to here her say, and point to, Elmo. What is it with this little red monster anyway? It seems like all little kids love him.

M learned to use the mouse on Sat. G had her watching clips of Shanna's show at and he taught her to move the mouse and click on the one she wanted to watch. She's 3 and while this doesn't make her a prodigy or anything I'm still impressed by how good she is at it after G's 30 second lesson.

J loves, and I mean LOVES, chocolate shakes! We had steak-and-shake for dinner on Sun night and after J got that first taste of my chocolate shake her eyes lit up and she was in heaven.

M told me there was a mean witch under her bed this weekend. G had to come in and tell her to go away before "she" left. It wasn't enough for me to look under the bed and tell her "Go home witch" we needed Daddy to tell her to leave. Some imagination that kid has!

J has now moved on from only using the white crayon. She used to gravitate towards and carry around the white crayon anytime that M had the crayons out. Now she will choose other colors and actually mark on her paper, which we tape down onto the table to keep it in place.

It's girl-scout cookie time here in MO. On Sat a neighbor girl rang our doorbell and hit us up. As soon as she left, literally as I was closing the door, the phone rang and a friend's daughter was calling us to see if we wanted to place an order. You have to love those Thin Mints!


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