Friday, February 10, 2006

Dinner tonight was a train wreck!
M spilt her milk not once, but twice. She ended up eating the later part of her meal wearing just her underwear because she had spilt milk all over her clothes (and the floor) and then during dessert she spilt her ice-cream on the floor also. We have got to get rid of the carpet in our dining room! To top it all off, J spent the entire meal alternating between screaming and eating ketchup with her fingers...
Tonight bedtime couldn't come early enough!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

These were taken at the Butterfly House a couple weeks ago. It was a nice warm haven from the midwestern cold!

I thought everyone was healthy... I'm such a fool! J has been coughing/runny nose since yesterday and this afternoon G got a call from daycare... she had a fever and we needed to come get her. I was working at a co-workers desk so G couldn't get a hold of me... so he went to pick her up. She took a nap after they got home and she seems fine now, but I will be staying home with her tomorrow. I can't wait for Spring.

On a side note - we woke up this morning to SNOW! This is really only the second snow of the winter and it didn't interfere with driving or anything so it was nice... it makes everything seem so clean... I love snow.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today I converted from a contract employee over to full time. In honor of this occasion Greg brought me, and my team, a bouquet of cookies. Isn't he thoughtful!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I think everyone here is finally healthy. YEAH! We canceled all of our weekend plans and gave the girls time to recover. The girls had a few sharing issues and J had a few screaming issues, but it was a good weekend. Today we broke out the roller skates. They both can skate (plastic toy skates on carpet... does that count?) ok. I'm just impressed that they can get back up on their own. They thought it was a game when they fell, they'd just giggle! G went to a superbowl part tonight and I stayed home with the girls. We only had one major mishap... I was in the kitchen getting a wet papertowel to wipe off the table when J decided to throw a crayon in the humidifier. It made a horrible noise as the fan beat on it and ground it to pieces. I don't know if the humidifier itself is a usable again or not. I just turned it off, unplugged it and am leaving it for G to deal with when he gets home. :)

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Hopefully it will be a healthy one!