Thursday, May 22, 2008

crazy busy...

It started last Friday when G took M on a field trip to the transportation museum. I had no idea what they were in for, but it turns out the museum had all sorts of fun kids activities as well as a train ride and big trains to see.

Later in the afternoon, G and the girls met me at work and we went to the local carnival. We had a great time riding the rides, eating snow cones and cotton candy and enjoying the nice weather. When I ask the girls their favorite part they can't decide between the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, the motorcycles and cars (because they got to honk the horn), the spiderman bounce house, the tunnel house... the list goes on and on.

On Sat, we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the Botanical Gardens for the Chinese Culture Days Festival. We wandered around, checked out all of the Niki pop-art sculptures that are all over the gardens. The girls would check out the sign at each one to see what they were allowed to do... Look, Touch, Climb, Sit, Enter. The climbable sculptures were a hands down favorite.

We also played at the children's garden, watched the parade, the lion dance and acrobats, had a picnic lunch and fed the fish. The festival had lots to offer, and the weather was perfect for wandering around.

On Sun, G took J to see the Cardinal Game. It was really windy and they were sitting in the shade so G bought her a Cardinal blanket that she is now in love with. After the game she got to run the bases. The line was a long one, but I think it was worth it!

By Monday, I was in need of another day off, good thing the long holiday weekend is coming up!