Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We've been busy lately... first of all, I work too much, the house is a mess and I'm tried. Here's a run-down of the last few days:
Sat --
1) yoga for me
2) trip to the fabric store (more on that project later) for the girls
3) birthday party
3) mall/dinner
4) sewing (I did the work, but the result was for the girls)

Sun --
1) cleaning and laundry
2) trip to the botanical gardens (M and I went to her class, J and G went to feed the coy in the Japanese garden and then we met up to play at the children's garden. The weather was great and it was a fun time for all)
3) dinner at Sonic on the way home
4) sleep for J (from 5:30pm through the night - G made her walk the whole time and it wiped her out)
5) M, G and I planted some lilac bushes and played outside

Mon -- school/work
Tues -- G came down with a "man cold", you know the kind of cold that makes men whine like little babies, and stayed home from work
Tues evening -- J came down with a 102 fever
Wed -- G worked from home with J
Tomorrow - I will be working from home with J

This week at school, the theme in M's class is "SuperHero's" so on Friday she tells me this. She tells me she *needs* a super-woman (not super-girl or wonder-woman, super-woman) costume and asks if I can go to the costume store and get her one. Well, as it's not Halloween time I have no idea where I would buy a superhero costume and there isn't time to order one online, I told her we could go to the fabric store on Sat and get some fabric and I'd make her a cape. Well this makes her extremely happy so the plan was set into action. My sewing ability is pretty amateur, but a cape I can handle. The girls both picked out fabric that reminds me of a bad lounge singer's dress, but whatever. Sat night after a long day I set out to make 2 capes. M also wanted a mask and arm bands, but that hasn't happened yet :) Sunday morning the girls had their new capes and would run through the house yelling "SUPER WOMAN, SUPER WOMAN" it was super cute!