Sunday, November 30, 2008

Disney recap -- Tuesday, Day 4:

Today was the day to go to Animal Kingdom. After the nice day we had on Monday I wasn't prepared for the chilly, drizzly, overcast day on Tuesday. I spent the entire day freezing (It didn't help that I now was sick with a hacking cough and runny nose).

For us, Animal Kingdom was more about shows than rides. We did, of course, ride "Kilimanjaro Safaris", which was a great way to see a bunch of animals and bump along in a truck. All the shows we saw were great. We saw the "Flights of Wonder" bird show which was really interesting and kept the girls attention wonderfully. The Finding Nemo musical was an awesome stage show. The actors seem to get lost in the puppets much like the Lion King musical my sister and I saw ant the Fox and loved. The Festival of the Lion King show was a nice live performance. It had good music and dancing. The girls really enjoyed the "tumbling monkeys" doing acrobatics and jumping on the trampoline.

After the fun we had at the parade the day before we made sure to get a good spot for "Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade". I had promised the girls popcorn while we waited, so we found a spot and I went off in search of popcorn. I had to go an extremely long way to find it, but it was very appreciated when I returned. The parade here, at Animal Kingdom, had lots of fun animal character contraptions interspersed with Mickey and friends. This one was more parade than show, the opposite of the one at Hollywood Studios, but we still had a lot of fun.

After the parade we headed to DinoLand U.S.A. to see if we could ride "Triceratop Spin" (This ride is similar to the Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom, but dinosaurs instead of elephants). We had tried earlier and the line was way too long and the kids really wanted to ride it. Now there was no line at all so we rode it twice. J was thrilled. It really seemed like everyone was leaving the park after the parade and we weren't leaving yet because we had dinner reservations at the RainForest Cafe for later.

Side Note:
* At one point as we were strolling through the park, the girls were happily singing the ABC's. It was one of the moments I wish I could bottle and hold onto forever. Everyone happy and comfortably getting along. It's the type of memory I really want to hold onto.

Favorites from today:
M - the "Festival of the Lion King" show
J - The Finding Nemo show
G - "Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade"
B - the "Flights of Wonder" show