Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've been MIA all month, so here's what's new with us:

* J has really started writing her letters, some are good, some are backwards, and some are upside-down. It's adorable

* the other day when I was buckling M in the car and urging her to hurry because of the cold, she hugged me and said "I'll keep you warm mommy!" -- I wanted to melt

* Valentines day came and went with much excitement over cards and parties at school. G got me a Coach purse that I'd been wanting since before x-mas that he couldn't find in the store - thank you e-bay.

* I took M to see the new Hannah-Montana/Miley Cyrus movie the other weekend, which she loved, and I got her the CD for valentines day -- she listens to it every night

* my mom had a birthday over the weekend, I was going to make an angel food cake but I didn't have enough eggs. I noticed a cookie recipie on the side of the box that called for 2 eggs (exactly what I had), so I made that instead and they turned out yum-my!