Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Asthma or Allergies? For a 16 month old, there is no way to know....

J has been coughing a lot since yesterday and today she started wheezing. It was so odd... She seemed to be holding her breath, I think to avoid coughing. It scares me when she wheezes. I took her to the Dr and she's now getting breathing treatments 3 times a day for at least the next 3-5 days. The fun never ends!

More park pictures....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

G took the girls to the park on Sunday - all by himself! I was at my sister's house and he sent me pictures of the girls at the park to my phone. I was shocked. M was 2 before he'd leave the house alone with her so I was totally caught off guard that he took both girls out by himself. He never fails to surprise me.

J's allergies are back... her face is blotchy, nose is runny and she's coughing some, especially at naptime. On the upside she is talking a lot. At about 4am last night she was in her room making noise, I thought she was saying "mine, mine, mine", G went in to find her pacifier for her and she was actually saying "night, night, night, night" she just wanted to go back to sleep but she needed her pacifier first.

M is still on her coloring binge. Last night her thing was that she wanted to cut with scissors. She was very excited to show me her rectangles and triangles that she had cut out. Today, in honor of the letter "S", she cut out a winding snake. I was very surprised at how well she cut on the line that was on the paper. It always surprises me when she can do something new that I knew nothing about. It's a little sad that I don't get to be the one to teach her to recognize and trace her letters and how to cut and how to color inside the lines and everything, but I am glad that the girls that she spends her days with are so good to her.