Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WDW or bust

We're back from our Walt Disney World vacation, and I'm exhausted. We walked around 10 miles a day (pushing the kids in a stroller) and I am not used to that. It's odd to be back at work and not with the kids and G all day long. I miss them. I do not miss the whining.

We spent 8 days, 7 nights in Walt Disney World, FL. Here was our agenda:
Sat morning - fly to Orlando
Sat afternoon/evening - Epcot -- dinner with Mickey
Sun - Epcot
Mon - Hollywood Studios
Tues - Animal Kingdom
Wed - Magic Kingdom -- breakfast at Cinderella's castle
Thurs - Magic Kingdom
Fri - Free day (ended up being Magic Kingdom, swimming and Epcot) -- dinner with princesses
Sat - Free day (ended up in Hollywood Studios), fly home 7:30 pm (flight was delayed > 1.5 hours -- didn't get in until super late) -- breakfast with JoJo, Goliath and Little Einsteins

We all had a great time, the kids were fairly well behaved (a little whiny and fought a bit), I had a horrible cold the entire time (coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose) that G picked up the last 2 days. We walked a lot, met characters, rode rides, saw shows, shopped, ate junk food -- the entire disney experience. It was a good trip, but I don't know how people do this every vacation. I need to lay on the beach and read a book sometimes too :)

My favorite part of the entire trip was 1) watching how excited the kids were watching the parades and fireworks -- they loved them. 2) seeing J's beaming face after we went on the "Goofy's Barnstormer" roller coaster. It's a kiddy roller coaster, but she totally loved it. G gets motion sick and M is a scaredy cat, but next time we go J and I are going to ride all the big roller coasters -- she's definitely the dare-devil of the girls and she loves the thrill. The only other "scary" ride we made them go on was The Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. M said she is never, ever going on that ride again because she was so scared. J was totally ready to ride it a second time on Sat.

More pics and stories to come... stay tuned.