Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitchen Renovation - week 7

This last week was exciting... it started with the new tile at the front door.  It turned out great, and it's nice not to walk in directly to the hardwood with wet shoes.

The fridge is now in and cold, but the water isn't yet hooked up to the ice-maker -- I'm impatiently waiting for that, I'm dying to be able to get a glass of ice-water at bedtime.  That was followed up with some inspections, lots of trim work and more painting, including the "Caribbean Cove" blue accent wall.  M picked out the color and it's going to make quite a statement.

Then on Thursday was my favorite -- the countertops, sink and range went in!  None of the electrical, gas or water are hooked up, but it really seems like it might actually all be finished someday soon. :)

I wonder if we'll actually have working appliances by the end of next week...

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