Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tonight as I was eating dinner (by myself late, because I had taken J to gymnastics and she had a pb&j on the way), M was sitting with me making a book. She wrote the "story" for the page and then said mater-of-factly "I don't illustrate my books, Madeline (her friend from school) does." She's sooo grown up.

I had a birthday over the weekend... I am now old. I mean, I was already old, but I hate having birthday's to remind me. It's really weird to think that I'm old enough to have these big kids and to be falling apart. I swear I have old-lady hands because of my RA and it really is worrying me lately... I even asked my dr if they can do joint replacement in the hand (btw - they can). I'm not sure if I'm just being neurotic because of my birthday, but I do worry about loosing mobility as I'm older.