Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Today is J's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe my baby is already 2... She is so grown up for a 2 year old, and I think she hit the terrible twos a long time ago. We went to get x-mas pictures taken today and then to see santa. Much to my surprise both girls sat on Santa's lap. Afterwards J kept saying "Santa sit my lap!" When Santa asked what they wanted for x-mas M said "princesses" and J said "elmo".

Bullets about J:
* I took her to the dr yesterday - she got one shot :(
* she's 27lbs 5oz (75%) and 35.5 inches (65%)
* when we're in the car she'll say "running fast" when she wants us to drive faster
* She loves to sing "Take me out to the ball-game"
* She loves to feed her baby dolls
* She loves Elmo and Dora
* She loves Mickey Mouse and calls him "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"
* She has been saying "My Birthday comming up" and "Happy Birthday to Me" for the past week
* She loves to be read to and says "Mommy read book me"