Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dan Zanes and Friends...

Today we took the girls to the Dan Zanes and Friends concert. It was a rockin pre-school dance party. As soon as it started J pulled M down to the pit to dance. M is much more of a wall-flower than J. She likes to watch the action and see what's going to happen before joining in, J is ready to jump in with wild abandon. At the end J was laying on the edge of the stage, watching the band -- she is totally going to be a groupie when she's older. It was fun to watch the girls as they watched the band, the other kids, and danced. The whole experience is so odd to me because, as kids, we would have never gone to something like this. My kids have such a different childhood than I did. Also, as a mom, it doesn't matter how stupid you look at one of these kids shows. As long as the kids have fun it's all worthwhile.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Big kid school...

M went to kindergarten screening today and she did great. She's so shy that I never know how these sorts of things will go, but she surprised me. When we first got there she sat by me and didn't want to play with the other kids, but once we went into the classroom she listened and participated wonderfully. She played, did art, talked to the teacher, bounced the ball, played "Simon Says" and listened to stories like a big kid. She even played ball with another little girl without any prompting, she didn't talk to the other girl, but they started a game of bouncing the ball back and forth and had a good time together. She didn't talk much the entire time, but I can't really blame her because there were a lot of grown-ups in the room that she didn't know. They said she's ready for school so now we just wait until August and off she'll go. She's not a baby anymore.

In other news...
Yesterday we went to my sisters for an early Mother's Day BBQ. My sister lives right next to a park, so we went over and M went all the way across the monkey bars all by herself. She's getting strong. It was a beautiful day out and the girls played and played and played... they were exhausted by the time we left and both fell asleep in the car.

Saturday we went "camping". Not real camping because we just went to visit some friends at the campsite, but it's camping to us. It was kind-of chilly out, but the fire was nice. The girls had a great time going on hikes, playing with their friends, cooking out and toasting marshmallows. They both had their first smores, which they loved. J got sticky marshmallow in her hair - yuck. One family brought their dog along and surprisingly both girls pet the dog and M took him for a walk (holding the leash). This dog is totally kid friendly and mellow, so it's a great dog for my kids to be around, but I was still really proud of their behavior. Sometimes they surprise me.