Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...

Here are my 13 random thoughts for today

1. Today was pasta day in the cafeteria - YUM!
2. My voice, which was gone all but a whisper most of the week, is finally coming back. Monday night M would ask me "Why you whisper mommy?" in a whisper. G thinks we should whisper all the time to keep the noise down in our house.
3. The kids have started to pull ornaments off the tree. The decorations need to come down this weekend.
4. M has swim lessons tonight. This is her first one without a parent in the water with her - yikes!
5. I dropped something on my foot this morning and it still hurts.
6. G had lasik the Friday before x-mas and I'm already used to seeing him without his glasses on.
7. G has thrush, we think it is from using antibiotic eyedrops after his lasik surgery, he said his tongue tingles and he can understand why a baby with thrush wouldn't want to eat.
8. J and M both need a haircut. J especially since she won't leave any sort of hair clip or hair band in.
9. G needs a haircut, too. His hair is curling like crazy, maybe he could get a real job while he's at it :)
10. I love to hear J babble, say "uh-oh", or make her whistle face - she sometimes makes sound from that little O shaped mouth
11. G painted J's room over the holidays. There are no more dalmations and red walls. Now it's girly - the walls are a lavender-blue with tinkerbell pictures. She now has 3 Japanese lanterns that she calls bubbles.
12. M colored about 25 pictures on Monday when my sister stayed with the girls (G and I had to go to work). She was upset when her aunt didn't take them all home with her.
13. I just realized that we get off work on 1/16 for Martin Luther Kind Day - yipee!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

We survived the holidays and made it into the new year. Christmas was all about the girls this year. They got a ton of toys and games. We are now waiting for the next snow thanks to the new sled, hats & mittens from Uncle K. M is very good at the Memory game (she got both the Dora and the Princess versions). I think J's favorite toy is the Doodle Pro that she got from Nana. M has one we bought over the summer and J loves to play with it. Now they each have one and don't have to fight.

Nana got the girls a tent and tunnel. This was a huge hit and the source of much squealing. We/Santa got the girls cabbage patch babies, a play kitchen, dishes and pretend food. They both love to cook and feed the dolls!

J learned to say "up" and "uh-oh" last week. Now she will drop/throw her fork or cup at dinner and say "uh-oh". It's really adorable yet annoying after the 20th time in a row.