Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An Eagle?

This morning, as G and the girls were leaving for school/work, M yelled out "An Eagle". G and I looked, and there on the driveway a robin had landed. I guess to M that little robin was a "huge" bird!

Monday, April 24, 2006

What a busy weekend we had!

Friday night -- We went out to dinner, to Casa Gallardo, or better know in our family as M's "favorite quesadilla place". I personally could eat mexican food everyday, and the girls love quesadillas, so in my opinion this is a great family meal out. The only problem with eating dinner out is that it takes so long and it ends up being late and past J's bedtime when we are done.

Sat -- I went to my 8 am yoga class, then G took M to her dance class and I took J with me and went to a bridal shower for a college friend. I love seeing all of my college friends. (Hi you guys!) We really should get together more often. I'm bummed that I won't be able to go to her wedding, but it's in another town, far away. I really want to be there for her big day, to see her in her white dress with gorgeous flowers and all. I guess I'm just going to have to settle for seeing the pictures.

When I got home G was putting together the girl's swingset. M was so excited about it that she wanted to "help" him. In fact both girls were wanting "da-da" all weekend. G got the swingset all set up around 7pm. Just in time for one good swing before bed. (Note - I took this photo tonight, G did not put the swingset together wearing nice work clothes.)

Sun -- Aunt M came over and we all went down to the Botanical Gardens. We mainly went to check out the new children's garden, which by the way is awesome! The girls had a great time running around, playing in the sand, climbing into the towers and going down the slides. J is a little young for the whole thing. She's not very good at stairs, so it's hard for her, but M was loving it. After we played at the children's garden we had a picnic lunch then went on to the Japanese Garden, or is it the Chinese Garden, I'm not sure. Anyway, we went to feed the huge Koi they have in the one pond. The girls love the fish and the ducks. All J would say was "duck, duck, duck". It is always a favorite spot for the girls. They also are currently setting up a new glass sculpture exhibit. These glass sculptures are very shiny and squiggly, and awesome to look at. I can't wait for it to be all installed. I think we may have to get a babysitter one evening and go see it when it's open at night and all illuminated. It sounds sooo cool. We ended up leaving the garden by 2:30 and we were all exhausted.

On a side note -- Sorry Uncle K, but J started saying "Aunt M" this weekend, well she calls her "me-me" but it's close. She wins again. All I heard all day Sunday from J was "da-da" and "me-me". Not a single "mama", what am I, chopped liver?