Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow and Ice...

What a crazy weekend, we got rain, sleet and snow on Thursday and school was closed Thursday afternoon and Friday. All day Friday M wanted to go sledding but it was just too cold. Finally Sat afternoon G took the girls out to sled. J was a little unsure about walking in the snow, but once she got on the sled and went down the hill she was all giggles.

Here are the notable highlights:
1) J almost ran me down because I was taking pictures and looking through the camera, so I didn't realize until the last second that I was going to get plowed.
2) M ran into a tree (since the kids don't know how to steer, it's all about where dad points them, so... way to go dad!)
3) J went down one hill, then a second and came to rest only after running into the neighbor's house!