Monday, March 17, 2008

Yesterday we went to an Easter party at my Aunt and Uncles house. The girls had a great time hunting for Easter eggs, playing ball, chasing around the farm cats (M only, J still stays away from all the animals), and playing with the other kids. They even ended up in the hay loft with the big kids. They had fun while they were in there, but M freaked out a bit when I told her to come out. She just couldn't figure out a good way to get down.

We also went to my brothers to see his new baby lamb. It was born on Friday, so just 2 days old and super cute. M was enamored and J was a bit suspicious.

Sat night we went to see a friends' daughter at her gymnastics meet. The girls are still talking about it. They keep asking when we can go again. They love watching the big kids. M has been a little indifferent about gymnastics lately, so we're going to take a break, but I hope seeing the big kids compete will re-invigorate her interest.