Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 2010 recap...

M started piano lessons this month, she is picking it up quite nicely (her teacher says she has a good ear and a good memory). Last week she learned "Mary had a little lamb" and this week she's working on "Old McDonald had a farm". G and I also play the songs in her book, we are all learning and I must say that while I hold my own now because I have the flexibility from all my typing, I'm not musically inclined. G says that I'm tone deaf, so I fully expect M to be far better than me in the next few months.

G registered J for kindergarten today. She is sooo excited she loves the idea of going to big kid school, riding the bus, and being at the same school as her big sis. J's reading ability is really progressing. She and I will often trade off, page by page, when reading and she does a decent job considering her age and the fact that we aren't really *doing* anything to push her in this direction. Also, she's on a kick where she only wants to get "Little Bill" books from both the daycare and public libraries.

Right after Christmas, G totally gutted the master bathroom, and while the plumbing and electrical is all done, we still don't have walls and the mess is making me crazy. I did get the living room, kitchen and the girls rooms back in order over this last weekend which is helping me cope, but the hallway floors are all covered in protective paper and the dining room is full of new fixtures and our bedroom has a pile of tools and other equipment. I can only live with this for so long so I hope G makes some major progress next weekend. He was making good progress last weekend until he realized that he moved the electrical box for the light fixture up, but not over so it was off center and then he had to take drywall down and move it and managed to shock himself because the electrician who wired the house was, according to G, a moron. Our re-modeling projects seem to be never ending, but I'm hoping this one comes to an end soon :)