Thursday, September 24, 2009

The last month has been super busy, from the 1st day of school to G's birthday.

I can't have a 1st grader, can I? Well, somehow I do. Doesn't she look like such a grown up kid?

J is back to weekly gymnastics class, and has even been moved up to be a "Mighty Bee" which is more progressive than the class she was in before.

Over labor day weekend, we went to the Botanical Garden for the Japanese festival with Aunt M and JuneBug and cousin D. It started out as a rainy day but turned out overcast and nice and cool. The girls had a great time feeding the fish and playing with JuneBug.

The girls even got to go fishing for the first time on Labor Day at my aunt and uncle's house. This was an amusing experience. J was the first to throw her line in and she caught a fish right away. She reeled it in and then freaked out, because there was a fish on the line (and she's not really into animals that move and all). The shrieking and dancing around was funny. It turns out that J likes the idea of fishing, but not the fish so much and M loves fishing, being outside and that she got to spend some time with Uncle K whom she loves!

We even went to one last baseball game for the season. This is either the 5th or 6th we've been to this season (which is plenty for me). We always have a good time eating junk food, watching the people, wandering around and singing "Take me out to the ball-game" at the seventh inning stretch. Watching the game is fun too, but it's really a side-effect of being there.

And of course, we had G's birthday on Tuesday. What a busy month it has been...