Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring or Snow?

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, this morning we woke up to 2 inches of very wet snow. When M saw it she asked "Can we go outside and play snowball fight?" So tonight, when we got home from work and daycare, we took the girls out for a little sledding and snow play. J had her first rides on the sled. I have to say that her emotions were a little mixed. She did enjoy clomping around in her boots but I think she liked watching G pull M on the sled more than actually riding on it herself. G gave M an icicle which she was very impressed by.

The one downside to the snow... our huge evergreen tree in front of our house lost quite a few branches. I guess the extremely wet snow weighed too much... It now looks a little lopsided and is going to have to be trimmed up. I don't know if G will do that himself or if we'll call in a tree service... either way, I bet my kitchen lights don't get installed this weekend :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

I hope you all survived St Patrick's Day. We faired ok... M was very excited about wearing green and having green milk (YUCK) and shamrock cookies for snack at school.

J had a rough time last week. She split open her lip and smashed her finger in the door. Lucky for us that little one is tough!

We spent the weekend searching out new light fixtures for the kitchen. We finally found some on Sunday. I wonder how long it will take for G to get them installed. The last light fixtures I bought, for the front porch, are still in the garage waiting to be put up. I think I bought them before M was born... she's only 3 :)

We took the girls to the bookstore on Sat after dinner. That was a little crazy... 2 kids running around Borders, touching every display. It's a wonder the place survived. We only had to buy 2 Curious George books, 1 Dora book and 1 stuffed monkey, that I call George even though he's not that curious (being stuffed and all). J just loved that little stuffed monkey and wouldn't put it down. She calls it "baby".