Thursday, July 08, 2010

Holiday World 2010

A couple weekends ago we went to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN for our now annual amusement park trip. This year was special because we met up with 4 other families there to spend time hanging out, riding rides and enjoying the water park.

5 families (21 people total) is a lot to keep track of in an amusement/water park, but we had a great time. The girls loved having their friends around to play with. They've been spending a ton of time together this summer so the change of scenery and companionship was a welcomed change.

A few highlights --
* when we were eating lunch on Sunday Santa came in and said hi to all the kids, it's not often that you get to see Santa in June
* the kids all got along surprisingly well considering the heat and exhaustion that comes with an amusement park
* I thought it was going to rain on day 2, it was all cloudy all morning and it sprinkled during lunch but the afternoon turned out sunny and bright which was perfect for the water park
* G and I got to ride the Pilgrim's plunge on our own while the girls were with the other families, J isn't tall enough just yet so we didn't get to ride it last year.
* G, the girls, and I rode the new Wildebeest water coaster -- the wait was long, it broke down the first day we tried to ride it, but we rode it the second day and it was a favorite for all of us.
* before we left the park the last day the girls smashed pennies -- this is a new thing that they are totally into this summer, and for $.51 I am OK with supporting it