Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Vacation - a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday

Is it still a vacation if 1) it's not restful and 2) there is no napping by the offspring 3) there is a lot of screaming involved by the spirited second born 4) did I mention the screaming?

We packed up the kids and Nana and headed to Kansas City this past weekend. We drove over on Thurs, got to the hotel and had a nice dinner out.

On Friday we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to the children's museum, which we couldn't find even with directions and a GPS... It was not obvious so instead we went to Crown Center and Union Station - Science City. The kids had fun at the hallmark visitors center - where the kids got to do a stamping activity and see how they make bows. Science City is a nice children's museum that the kids had a lot of fun at. They watched trains, made music, dug for dinosaur bones, and ran around and had fun. Of course all of this fun meant no nap... Which is NOT a good thing for J. There was much screaming later on, so Nana, M and G went out and got dinner for Nana and the kids while I stayed at the hotel with a screaming and crying J. They brought dinner back for J and later G and I went out for a nice relaxing dinner alone. It was funny because at the restaurant they apparently messed up our order and it was "taking a long time", but G and I didn't notice. It was quite, we could relax and talk... It was a lovely time.

On Sat we had a nice breakfast at Panera Bread and then tried to go to the Negro Baseball Leagues Museum. Unfortunately they were closed because Buck O'Neil had died and they had a memorial service on Friday and closed the museum on Sat. So instead we went to the American Jazz Museum.
We had fun there, listening to all the different instruments and types of jazz. After the museum we went back to the hotel and then out to lunch. After lunch the girls were supposed to be napping (haha) at the hotel with G while Nana and I shopped. We went to the 1154 Lill Studio store where I ordered the "Molly" handbag. I can't wait for it to come in. All of their bags were nicely made and the fabrics are sooo cute. I wish I would have also ordered a coin purse or wallet also... I will wait until my bag comes and then decide if I want to order more from them. We also went in a few other stores where we got some stuff for the girls. After shopping we went back to the hotel, and the non-napping girls, and G and I took the girls for a swim before dinner. Well, after the swim (in the freezing cold pool) and a bath, the screaming began once again. So this time M, Nana and I went out for dinner at a mexican restaurant. When we came back J was finally asleep, so G went out and got himself some takeout.

On Sunday, we got up, packed up the car, had a late breakfast at IHOP and then headed for home. We didn't even stop for food on the drive because there was more screaming... We are all glad to be home!

I hope your weekend was less eventful and more quiet!