Sunday, July 30, 2006

We had kind-of a crazy weekend around here. We've been doing all sorts of things around the house (by we I really mean G :)). M and J both have closet doors that are newly painted and magnets stick to them thanks to some special primer. We no longer have carpet in our dining room. We are now living with the hideous linoleum flooring that was under the carpet until we can get around to installing the bamboo wood floors that I really want. When M saw the flooring she asked G if it was a turtle. It really is worse than it looks in this picture... Along with the paneling on the walls it is quite horrible.

On a lighter note, the girls are in bed and we're ready to start a new week. We got photos taken this afternoon of me and the girls in our dresses from the wedding. They turned out wonderfully. I'm really happy with them and now I can let Jenna rider her bike again without too much worry.

Here's a picture G took of me and M this evening. I actually don't look like an idiot in this one.