Friday, December 19, 2008

Disney Recap -- Saturday, Day 8:

Saturday was our last day at Disney, we got up, packed everything and went to Hollywood Studios for one last character meal. This time we had breakfast at "Playhouse Disney's Play 'n Dine". This involved a breakfast buffet and Jo-Jo, Goliath from Jo-Jo's circus and Leo and June from Little Einstein's. The day started out a little uneasy, the kids were fighting and melting down before we even got there, but luckily the girls pulled themselves together and we all had a great time at breakfast. The restaurant wasn't busy, the kids got the chance to get-up and move around more going to the buffet and dancing in the isles and they were thrilled with the characters.

After breakfast, we re-rode some rides, watched the High School Musical 3 show again and met Daisy Duck and got an autograph. We watched the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show which was fun. We rode "Toy Story Midway Mania" for a second time this during the trip. We had a light lunch and bought some souvenirs before heading back to the hotel. At the hotel we had a snack and then went off to the airport to head home.

Once we got to the airport and were all checked in we found out that our flight was delayed. By this point everyone was tired and cranky. We had dinner at the airport and then hung out until it was time to leave. Once at the airport we learned our flight was delayed 1.5 hours, this was bad! We finally got back home and to our car at 12 midnight Florida time (11pm st Louis time) Needless to say this was way past bedtime. The girls both fell asleep on the plane and had to be carried/woken-up to get to baggage claim and on the shuttle to the car. It was freezing here in St Louis when we landed and poor J only had on jeans and a t-shirt -- she was freezing!

We were all tired and cranky, but glad to be home and in our own beds after the long and wonderful trip.