Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick highlight of our lives...

* We bought patio furniture a little over a week ago and now the girls want to eat every meal out on the back porch. It's kind-of a fun change, but since they aren't in booster seats out there it's sometimes hard to keep J in her chair.

* J will ask for 2 pig-tails in her hair "so I can twirl"

* M has started to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with G. It's hilarious because she almost always picks "Rock"

* G and his dad cut 2 trees down in our back yard last weekend, now you can see the neighbors ugly fence so we may plant some bushes to screen it, it's a slippery slope of work out there.

* J had her first dentist appointment yesterday because one of her front teeth is turning grey. She was a big girl for the x-ray, but didn't want to show the dentist her teeth. There may be some trauma to the tooth, so now we are just waiting it out to see what happens from here.

* the girls love to play "Zingo", the only problem with this is that they leave the little tile's all over the place and I end up picking them all up.

* I've been working a lot these past few weeks and my brain is fried, I need a vacation.