Saturday, September 30, 2006

J has an attitude... you can't make her do anything until she's ready to do it. The other night I was trying to get her hair washed so I took her ponytail out and her shirt off and she had a fit and tried sooo hard to get her shirt back on. After we put her shirt back on her and she calmed down she then agreed to let us wash her hair and give her a bath. She was ready, so then it was fine.

On a lighter note... the dining room is coming along. The pantry now has shelving and the hearth of the fireplace has been installed. Now we need the fireplace surround and the bamboo flooring and we'll be done. Someday it will be ready for use again... maybe not someday soon, but someday.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where does the weekend go? It's already sunday night...

G's birthday was on friday, so the girls told him "Happy Birthday" many times. On Sat I discovered J's affection for singing "Take me out to the ball game". She got birthday cake all over her cloths so I changed her into her Cardinal shirt and she started to sing. She doesn't sing every word, it's more like "root, root 'ardnals" and "1...2..." and "old alll game!!!", but she tries to hard to sing along with M or the cd that we have.

G's parent's got back came to visit us today for lunch. J was so funny, M kept asking when they'd get here and J kept asking "mi-mi" meaning my sister M. G's parent's hadn't been in town for a while, so J wasn't used to them, but Aunt M comes over regularly, so she was confused why someone other than her was coming over.

The dining room remodel is coming along. We now have fully painted walls and G is currently cleaning up in there. The next step is the pantry shelves, the fireplace surround, and then the flooring and we'll be done. I can hardly wait!