Sunday, August 02, 2009

Six Flags, more flags -- more fun!?

Today we took the girls to six flags for the first time. There were more rides for the girls to ride then I was expecting, which was great. J loves the coasters, so she and I rode both the "Mine Train", which she loved, and the "Screaming Eagle", which scared her. We also hit the water park in the late afternoon, the water was freezing, but as we were waiting in line for the "Big Kahuna" J said that we were having "fun in the sun", which was adorable.

I really think that we could have spent the entire day riding rides, which may be what we do next time, and the weather was quite nice considering that it's early August... Overall, we had a good time, there were only a few issues -- J bit her tongue at lunch and at one point she accidentally bumped into M, who responded by kicking her hard in return -- that almost resulted in us leaving, right there.

With the kids as young as they are, and I grew up in a family that didn't really vacation or go to amusement parks, it's fun for me to take the girls these types of places and wonder what our vacations will be like when they are older. I wonder if we'll plan our vacations around amusement parks for the next 15 years, or if we will choose beach trips (which I wouldn't mind), or historical sites (which G would prefer). I'm guessing there will be a combination, and some negotiations, but only time will tell...