Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas time again...

Only a few days to x-mas and I'm making progress on my list of holiday to-dos:

* decorate the tree and hang stockings (we put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving this year... I'm enjoying the glow)
* get Birthday/Christmas pictures taken (Done ahead of time, Nov 22)
* take the girls to see Santa (Done, same day we got pictures taken)
* send out Christmas cards (finally sent this week, a little behind schedule)
* gifts (I tried to not go overboard this year, but I still did a bit - especially with my nieces and nephews)
* See the Nutcracker Ballet (at the Fox this year -- it was beautiful)
* watch a Christmas movie (G and I watched our traditional "Love Actually", and I watched "Rudolph" with the girls yesterday)
* bake cookies (made roll-out sugar and gingerbread cookies yesterday at my sister's)
* see Christmas Lights (went to Tiles park on Friday night)
* go to Madrigal Dinner at the high-school where my sister teaches (last night, a first for me, M, J and my mom, my sister's been a couple times)

Left to do:
* make gingerbread houses with the girls (we're actually going to make rice-krispie treat houses this year for a change)
* go ice-skating
* go see the train show at the Botanical Gardens
* take the girls to at least one outing (possibly the Science Center, to Paint Pottery, or something else -- I haven't decided yet)

Now that I see it all listed out, I think I need to add "sleep in" to the list...