Saturday, March 17, 2007

We've been very busy the past couple of weeks and I've lost track of time. I've organized my office/craft room and I love it. I now can see all of my scrapbooking supplies and I have an empty desk area to work at. It's sooo nice. I even has space to use my sewing machine. My first sewing project in a very long time was headbands for the girls. I think they turned out great, unfortunately they don't like to wear them, but they sure do look cute.

In other news, we had wonderful weather last weekend and spent a lot of time outside swinging. They girls where "super fast, super high, super girls" on the swings. Then J got sick and missed 4 days of school this week with a fever. Now M has a horrible cough. Today it was snowing big flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground. Mid-West, March weather is terribly inconsistent. I think someone has been sick for about 3 weeks now. I'm ready for spring and everyone to be healthy.

Friday morning I went with M on a pre-school field trip to see "Disney Princesses on Ice". Our seats were very high, but the kids didn't mind a bit. The girls loved the princesses and all the kids loved the songs. There was one part where a dragon shoots fire from his mouth that scared M, but other than that it was a wonderful time.

One other note... I believe M got G's sense of rhythm. I was looking through the recent pictures and found this one. She is quite the dancing queen. She reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld and her dance moves.