Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School - August 2011

We survived all the rain in June, the weeks of excessive heat warnings of July, the back to school craziness of August and Labor Day is quickly approaching. The girls and I took a quick trip to the pool this afternoon trying to savor the last days of summer.

The girls are now in 1st and 3rd grade. They love their new teachers, and are happy to be back with their friends on a daily basis. This fall we decided to skip soccer, and are just doing piano lessons and gymnastics. We are still plenty busy, but don't feel over committed yet.

M will also be learning to play the recorder and violin at school, so I can hardly wait to listen to her practice both of those {good thing I already own ear plugs}. She loves to read and is excited that they will be having Jarrett Krosoczka come to school for an author visit in September.

J is such a tomboy, but she brought home a form for a cheer leading clinic at the high school and begged to attend, so she'll be trying that out in a couple of weeks. They even get to perform at a high school football game, so that will be a new experience for her.

G and I have been working a lot, like usual. Also, our constant home improvement projects haven't slowed down. Although G usually does the work himself, we outsourced our latest project and had a paver patio installed right before the 4th of July, hopefully we'll find time to enjoy that this fall as the weather cools off a bit. We've even talked about getting a fire pit so we can roast marshmallows... we don't like to go camping, but I'm always up for a yummy, gooey, toasted marshmallow :)