Sunday, March 09, 2008


* J now calls my brother "Jose". Last weekend we were in the car and my sister told her "No way, Jose" and she said "I'm not Jose!" and it became a game to figure out who Jose was. Well we were on the way to my brother's to see his baby sheep, so now Uncle K is Jose.

* M's digital camera that we got her for her Birthday is acting up. It doesn't want to turn on correctly and sometimes gets a "file error", I'm hoping it can be fixed or exchanged.

* We dyed Easter eggs today. Spring and Easter are sneaking up on me and I figured if we didn't do it today it wasn't going to happen. The girls had fun and J made a mess. Her hands were green afterwards. It was adorable and lots of fun for them. Easter is my favorite holiday. It's spring-time, has art activities and is low stress.

* Speaking of favorites, I made a scrapbook with surveys of everyones favorites. I made my family fill out the surveys at Christmas and got it all put together lately. I need to add Nana and Pawpaw, but the girls have fun looking at it. M told me today - Christmas is 8 peoples favorite holiday! I'm hoping it gives them some insight into themselves and the family years from now.

* Last week one of the girls told me that I was old, but they loved me anyway. How nice!?

* J now calls me "Mom-B" instead of mommy, I call her bean or beanerella, it's our thing. She's been my girl all weekend, we went shopping and out for cupcakes yesterday while G took M to a birthday party. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with her.