Friday, September 24, 2010

What are you going to be for Halloween?

It's almost October, so we've been starting to talk about costumes for Halloween. J has already decided she's going to be the Statue of Liberty (which is awesome because the torch is a built in flashlight for trick-or-treating). I think it's a great addition to her montage of costumes. She was a horse in 2005, a fairy princess in 2006, a ballerina butterfly (she called herself a beanarella -- which I still call her because she is "The Bean") in 2007, Dora the Explorer in 2008 and bat-girl in 2009.

M cannot decide, she says she's already been everything. I agree that she's had a lot of variety over the years, but she hasn't quite been everything. She was a pumpkin in 2003, a bumblebee in 2004, a cow-girl in 2005, a fairy princess in 2006, a cat in 2007, "the cat & the fiddle" for school (they were supposed to be something from a nursery rhyme) and a robot for trick-or-treating in 2008, and super girl in 2009.