Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last week my sister and I were talking about rugs for Junebug's room. This got me thinking about some items for M's room. We painted it a pale yellow back in the spring and her walls are still blank. She needs new blinds and curtains because the sun shines in and wakes her up really early in the morning.

Here are a few item's I'm liking for her, before I buy anything I'm sure she and I will be doing some negotiating...

I would like to spell out her name on the wall with these fancy wallpaper letters.

This striped rug in pink/orange of course.

These curtains in green stripe.

This adorable quilt, although she will still probably prefer the one grandma made her.

She has picked out this owl print.

And she always asking for some sort of chair from target, I need to pay better attention when we go next time :)

If I redo M's room, I'm going to have to do J's room to. She doesn't like girly the way M does so it's a little harder for me. I need to do some searching for her...

I'm thinking maybe a plaid like this could be nice, or maybe a patchwork like this.