Monday, May 27, 2013

Renovation 2013 - 3 weeks and counting

We're now 3 weeks into this mess -- and I do mean mess.  I can't find anything because it's all in boxes and you cannot walk around bare foot.  On the bright side - this does prompt us to eat breakfast on our back patio more often (even with the pollen and my itchy eyes) -- if only I hadn't left the tablecloth out there in the rain today...

Last week the house was crawling with electricians, one of the - Justin - reminds me of Luigi from Mario Bros because he wears bib-overalls and has the same mustache.  They have put in all the can lights in the ceiling and run new lines for all the outlets.  The first electrical inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, fingers crossed.  We currently have no working lights in the entire space.  It's a good think that there is no reason to spend any time in there.

We also now have a huge beam sitting in our hallway, that we have to step over every time we come in the front door or head back to the bedrooms.  This is particularly fun when we come home after dark and the kids have been asleep in the car (like after the Chelsea-Manchester City soccer game the other night - J was so bummed that Chelsea didn't win, they are her favorite) and there are no lights that work to turn on :).  It's a major tripping hazard and I can't wait til it goes up into the ceiling.  Mostly though, I want it to go up so they can take down that stud wall between the living room and dining room so it's completely open!

On a side note - Thursday was the last day of school.  I now have a fifth grader and a third grader.

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