Sunday, December 28, 2008

Birthdays and holidays...

Since our vacation we've had thanksgiving and Christmas and both girls have had birthdays, and I haven't updated... I'm a bad blogging mom. Work has been crazy and family stuff comes up and I'm just trying to get by. So here's an update.

Thanksgiving was spent with my family at a big wonderful dinner. The food was good, the whole day was relaxing and enjoyable. I like not traveling too far and just hanging out. The kids also seemed to have a good time playing with their second cousins, coloring and sharing. It was a good day.

Next came J's birthday. My big girl is now 4. She never thought that she was a baby or little kid in any way, but now she's definitely not. She is smart and caring. She loves being right, but she'll do anything for M. The one night M had a meltdown at dinner because her crayons were broken, I was trying to get her to tell me what we could do to fix it, because crying wasn't going to help, and J just piped up "you can have mine, I will use the broken ones, I don't care". She can be like this sometimes, and others she just pushes her sisters buttons like it's nobodies business. I guess that's just how sisters are. I just love this little kid. She can write her name, and all her friends names, she asks me how to spell all sorts of things (mostly because she's parroting M). She sometimes writes her entire name completely backwards perfectly (you can read it in a mirror). There are thinks she does or says that I wish I could just capture and hold on to forever. She loves Tinkerbell, to play with cars and dress-up and color and take care of her babies or animals. She's a very well rounded kid when it comes to play. She doesn't discriminate.

Next came M's birthday, she had a bowling party with all her friends and she had the best time ever. She is now my big 6 year old. I love her to death, but she is definitely testing her idependence and my patience these days. She's super smart and can now read simple books on her own. She still loves pink, but is more open to other colors. She loves art and music and books and games. She truly loves board games and cards. She gets J to play all sorts of games with her all the time. She has started ice-skating lessons and really enjoys them. She's sneakier these days, and her temper is shorter. She's sassy and smart. I alternate between wanting to hug her and send her to her room. Some days, like today, I don't feel like I'm a very good mom. I love her, but she makes me crazy and I can't deal with her. I hate to see her cry, but life isn't always fair and it's a tough lesson for a 6 year old to learn.

Then came the stomach flu. First J had it, then G, then M. M got it at a very in-opportune time... she threw up in the lobby of the theater were we had just seen the Nutcracker ballet. We were waiting in line to get a picture with Clara and the Nutcracker prince. Needless to say it was a bit traumatic and J got a picture, but M did not. I thought I had missed gettining the flu completely, but no such luck. I was lucky enough to come down with it on Christmas morning. Fun! I'd like a Christmas do-over, please. I missed all the present opening and we canceled the Christmas lunch and sent the girls home with G's parent's for the night so I could sleep in peace. It was awful and I feel like I ruined everything and I'm still in a foul mood about it.

The girls had a great Christmas. They loved their gifts. M got the guitar she's been asking for all year and J got a scooter with a bell that she loves dearly and they got a bunch of games and art supplies that they adore, but I didn't get to see them open any of it. :( I feel cheated.